Thursday, 31 May 2012


Tuesday 1 May 2012
Emma Bridgewater dove tealight holder which Cat and David gave me one Christmas ~ peace, perfect peace 
Wednesday 2 May 2012
West Watford from St Anthony's School car park

 Something I wore today
Thursday 3 May 2012
I was going to take a photo of the Poll clerk badge that I wore all day today ~ I was working in a Polling Station for the local election.  But I had to hand it back at the end ~ so instead, here is the non-party-coloured scarf I wore.
Friday 4 May 2012
Me in the cat's ears which I wore for Imy's 'dress up' 18th birthday party.

Saturday 5 May 2012
My cuckoo clock.  O and G brought this back from Germany for me and Boogs.  I love it but everyone else seems to find hilarious for some reason!
Sunday 6 May 2012
Me on one of my happiest days: Stella and Rich's wedding with Boogs and Frankie.  This is a photo of a photo and it looks very odd because you can see my camera and my hand in the relection.  This hangs on my dining room wall ~ very near the cuckoo clock in fact.
Someone who inspires you
Monday 7 May 2012
This entry is a blank.  What does it mean??  No-one does inspire me!  How would they?  I am lost with this one!
 A smell you adore
Tuesday 8 May 2012
Christian Dior's Dune.  mmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm 
 Something I do every day
Wednesday 9 May 2012
I clean my teeth 
 A  favourite word
Thursday 10 May 2012
The 'welcome' badge on my kitchen door.
Friday 11 May 2012
My kitchen ~ from the outside looking in . . . .
 Something that makes me happy
Saturday 12 May 2012
Stella came round to borrow her own communion dress for Cpie to wear the next day (for Little Flowers).  And then Frankie arrived with Lpip, Dpip and Bubbsie.  The children played in the garden.  Lpip had been to a party so she looks a bit grand for garden play!  In fact it was fancy dress.  

It did indeed make me very happy to see them playing!
Sunday 13 May 2012
The card Frankie and family gave me for Mothering Sunday 2011 ~ it hangs in my kitchen
Monday 14 May 2012
My garden
Tuesday 15 May 2012
My wedding ring ~ an appropriate symbol of love.  Apart from the time I broke my wrist and I was afraid my hand would swell and it would have to be cut off, I have never taken this ring off my finger. 
 What I'm reading
Wednesday 16 May 2012
Very funny ~ but such tiny writing I can only read it in daylight.
Thursday 17 May 2012
Evening snack ~ healthy ~ and delicious too ~ mmmmm! 
Something I made
Friday 18 May 2012
Long stitch picture I made at least 20 years ago.  I keep stiching cards ~ but rarely take photos.  
Note to self: keep a record!
 A favourite place
Saturday 19 May 2012
We are so fortunate to have Whippendell Woods almost on our doorstep ~ so peaceful!
Something I can't live without
Sunday 20 May 2012
I would find it very hard to live without the use of my hands.  I realised that when I broke my wrist!
 Where I stand
Monday 21 May 2012
I stand here much of the time!  It is where the kettle is.
Tuesday 22 May 2012
A lovely light luscious delectable cake!  A co-worker brought in a selection that her daughter had made ~ yummmmm!
Wednesday 23 May 2012
The Wheel!  About as much technology as I want to deal with!
Something new
Thursday 24 May 2012
A new venture ~ Kpie and Jpie went to French class
Friday 25 May 2012
An unusual name for a wine?  I went to a quiz night with Stella, Rich, Anne, Keith, Sue, Julie and Noel.  It was hilarious, we won and we all got a bottle of 'Copper Beach'.
 12 o'clock
Saturday 26 May 2012
At mid-day I had literally just stuck this stitching on the card.  It was for Dpip's birthday the following day.

 Something sweet
Sunday 27 May 2012
G, my lovely dad made marmalade for all the family ~ this is my jar.  Sweet on more than one level!
The weather today
Monday 28 May 2012
89 degrees!  In my garden after work.
A number
Tuesday 29 May 2012
Where I live
My personality
Wednesday 30 May 2012
'Bland and boring' is what I intended but when I showed it to Stella she asked if it was 'Light and Bright'! It's all the in the eye of the beholder I suppose!
Something beautiful
Thursday 31 May 2012
Clematis in my garden

Inspired by 'May' I am transferring my 'April' onto here . . . . starting with my Very First:

Something I found
Friday 13 April 2012 
esnaIeaoe ss oafcg  einodtbs yl t!rfh d
This is my first and was 'something I found'.  I found it on the computer at work ~ a 2-for-1 ticket offer for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' at the Watford Colosseum.  I took Lpip the next day and it was amazing!  and we both loved it ~ Lpip wants to go again!

a u  p  thmbae
How I feel today
Saturday 14 April 2012
This was the day Lpip and I went to see Joseph and these were some of the sweets she didn't eat!  It was a funny day all told.  I felt: grumpy, confused, unsettled, frustrated, angry, intolerant, undecided, hungry, annoyed, happy, enthralled and ultimately contented.  A real mixed bag all day ~ just like the sweets.
Sunday 15 April 2012
The view from the bedroom that used to be Stella's.


Monday 16 April 2012
Trisha planted up this pot for me in memory of Boogy.  It blooms every year without any help from me.
Something I don't like
Tuesday 17 April 2012
A rainy morning ~ who would like a rainy morning?
Wednesday 18 April 2012
From the left: 
Kpie: brown, thick and glossy like Kate M's
Jpie: a double crown
Cpie: gentle red ~ like marmalade